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Bojangles’ ™*

When researching Bojangles’ menu and nutrition the website states that everything will meet your daily requirements of deliciousness. This fast food chain isn’t offering much in the way of nutritious food. To be fair, nutrition doesn’t seem to be one of their goals. Breaded and Fried chicken is a cheat food for almost everyone. There aren’t many gluten free options but there are a few.

-Gluten free meal

Salad made with lettuce, tomato, carrot and cucumber with grilled chicken and ranch dressing.

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Grilled chicken

Roasted chicken bites



American cheese







Cajun pintos

Cole slaw


Seasoned fries


BBQ sauce

Bo’s special sauce

Honey mustard sauce

Ranch  sauce

Ranch dressing

Blue cheese dressing

Fat free Italian dressing

Honey Dijon dressing

Lemon wedges



All soft drinks and tea

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