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Five Guys ™ * 

The Five Guys™ are the Murrell brothers. Their parents gave them 2 choices, go to college or start a business. The brothers went the business route and opened a burger joint in Arlington Virginia. Now there are over 1500 locations worldwide. Five Guys™ uses only fresh ground beef, peanut oil, and fresh, never frozen produce. This chain has a great gluten-free menu using few and fresh ingredients. Even the BBQ sauce is gluten-free. However, malt vinegar does include gluten. It’s important to note that the French fries are gluten-free, however, they are fried in the same oil as non-gluten-free items. They also do not have a dedicated gluten-free area, so particles in the air should be considered.

The French Fries at Five Guys are Gluten Free, but may have cross contamination.
French Fries from Five Guys.

*Indicates possible cross-contamination 

-Gluten-free meal

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Cheeseburger with a fried egg on top over a bed of lettuce, onion, and chopped jalapeno.


Hamburger patty


Hot dog



American cheese


Green peppers

Jalapeno peppers




Grilled mushrooms




Cajun-style French fries*

5 Guys style French fries*


Hot sauce




A1 Steak Sauce

Peanut oil


Cajun seasoning blend



All soft drinks

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