Gluten Free Restaurants

Bj’s Restaurant & Brewhouse ™ *

While Bj’s Restaurant™ does have a gluten free menu available at each location. The chef will be happy to substitute any of the sauce or spice options on the meal you choose. They do not have a designated gluten free area so particles in the air and on cooking surfaces are to be considered.

-Gluten free meals

Enlightened fire roasted barbacoa chicken

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Cauliflower and quinoa power bowl

Enlightened kale and roasted Brussels sprouts salad

Gluten free chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream

Ribeye steak seasoned with salt and pepper, topped with sautéed mushrooms and onion, grilled asparagus on the side.



New York strip

Atlantic salmon (no sauce)

Roasted chicken

Hamburger patty

Turkey burger

Grilled chicken (no balsamic glaze)


White cheddar mashed potatoes?


American cheese

Cheddar cheese

Swiss cheese


House salad (no croutons)

House wedge salad

Caesar salad (no croutons, parmesan)

Fresh tomato and mozzarella salad (no balsamic)

Santa Fe salad (no tortilla strips)

Italian market salad

Field of greens

Garden medley salad

BBQ chicken chopped salad


Tuscan Tomato Bisque (no croutons)

Broccoli cheddar

-Giant Stuffed Potatoes

Blackened chicken potato (no Alfredo sauce)

Grilled chicken potato (no Alfredo sauce)

Garden vegetable potato (no Alfredo sauce)

The classic baked potato


Grilled mushrooms


Grilled onion







No dressing


Olive oil


Lemon wedges



Unsweetened tea

All soft drinks

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