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Free From Gluten has partnered with the Naturopathic Doctors at Clearwater Healthcare to provide straightforward and insightful information about eating gluten free and maintaining healthy balance in your life. Until very recently in human history the question of what to eat was not in question.

Each generation ate what the generation before them had always eaten, and in general, health prevailed.

We now live with a dizzying array of food and food-like options for every meal - and all of this makes it more difficult to find the most beneficial nutrients to supply our bodies with sustenance. As it turns out, with all the food science and technological development, Mother Nature still knows how to make the best food.

Check back regularly for new information, or feel free to contact our doctors directly at naturopaths@freefromgluten.com

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We are an online supermarket with an enormous selection of exclusively gluten-free items.

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