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About Us

Free From Gluten was started by two guys in Austin, TX after promising our gluten-intolerant sisters that we could help them find a better selection of food.

In November of 2010 we were both home with our families for the the normal Thanksgiving get togethers and ended up in long discussions about the challenges of eating gluten free, particularly when it comes to finding good shopping options. One sister is a naturopathic doctor in Montana and she often works with patients eating gluten-free who struggle from the lack of choice in rural areas.

Several of our employees are gluten intolerant and when we came back after the holiday the conversations quickly turned into a strong belief that we could create a better solution … and that the internet was of course the best way to deliver a gluten-free shopping experience.

After a few months of intense work, Free From Gluten was born.

At Free From Gluten our goal is to ensure that everyone has access to delicious gluten-free foods. We believe there is no reason to sacrifice flavor, variety or enjoyment at mealtime when doing right by your body.  And to prove it, we've put together the world's largest selection of gluten-free foods.

Whether you suffer from Celiac Disease or a wheat allergy, or you simply want to improve how you eat, Free From Gluten provides a generous selection of products in every category including those sometimes hard to find frozen items.

With our carefully selected professional network of suppliers and wholesalers, Free From Gluten is dedicated to the satisfaction of our loyal customers. Let us know how we're doing: support@freefromgluten.com.

About Free From Gluten

We are an online supermarket with an enormous selection of exclusively gluten-free items.

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